Red wine GINEPRAIO Montecucco

Red wine GINEPRAIO Montecucco

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The name comes from the presence of Juniper trees around the vineyard and from its famous violaceous blue berries. Distilling the berries we obtain a syrupy essential oil called “Juniper Essence”, the perfect name for this intense and well- structured DOCG wine.

WINE AREA : Montecucco D.O.C.G. -Toscane- 

D.O.C.G means: Di Origine Controllata e Garantita = of controlled guaranteed origin. This label is awarded to superior quality wines produced in a very limited area with certain characteristics.



COLOUR: Bright ruby red with garnet reflections.

GRAPE TYPE: Sangiovese 90%,  Syrah 10%. Hand picked and carefully selected. The vineyards from which we obtain this wine are young, with enormous potential, granted by a medium structure of the soil, it is poor in organic substances and minerals and therefore suitable for production with low yields but high quality.

WINE FEATURES: Intense and persistent bouquet with hints of vanilla, tobacco and red berries, such as blueberries and cherries in brandy. Dry, but full and pleasant with excellent tannins and a long aftertaste.

DELICIOUS WITH: Main courses on the basis of Game, grilled red meat, wild boar and seasoned cheese.

ALCOHOL %: 13,5 % Vol.

SERVE at a temperature of 18 ° C after an hour that the bottle has been uncorked.

GLASSWARE: Wineglass for structured wines and mature wines.

CLOSURE: Cork cap.

BOTTLE: 750 ml.

STORE at room temperature not close to heat sources or places where the temperature can change very quickly.

PACKAGE: Box of 6 bottles (+/- 8 Kg).

MANUFACTURER: Azienda Agricola Biologica PIERINI & BRUGI

PRODUCTION AREA: Localitá Belvedere te Campagnatico (GR),between 300 and 500 m above sea level.


Red wine GINEPRAIO Montecucco is available for both private individuals and companies.
If you are interested as an entrepreneur, please feel free to contact us.

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Red wine GINEPRAIO Montecucco, Intense and persistent bouquet with hints of vanilla, tobacco and red berries.
Dry, excellent tannins…

Azienda Agricola Biologica PIERINI & BRUGI

The vineyards of the company PIERINI & BRUGI are located in the municipality of Campagnatico in the D.O.C. Montecucco area, which is located between two of the most prestigious Tuscan D.O.C.G. areas: Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino.
The cultivation of grapes is divided into two lots: a 2.5 hectare planted with 70% Sangiovese, 11% Merlot grapes, 11% Cabernet grape and 8% Sauvignon and and Syrah grape.
The second plot of 0.5 hectares is only used for the cultivation of white grape Vermentino.

GRAPE VARIETY: Sangiovese…

…is an Italian vine, a blue Tuscan vine. With regional changes, in Italy there are various forms.
This species was first mentioned around 1600 in a treatise by Giovanni Vittorio Soderini on viticulture in Tuscany with the synonym Sangiogheto. The name probably derives from Sanguis Jovis or blood from Jupiter.

Syrah grape, called Shiraz in a number of countries, was brought from France to the Middle East during the Crusades.
There are many rumors about the origin of the grape, for example that the grape comes from the Iranian city of Shiraz.
However, genetic research shows that the grape comes from two grape varieties from Southeast France – Dureza and Mondeuse blanch.
It is a grape variety that needs a lot of sun and gives its best wines in a warm and dry climate.
If the grape is cultivated with care, it has a thick skin.
The wine therefore not only gets a lot of color, but also a considerable amount of tannin.
Scent varies from carnations and violets to chocolate tones and black cherries and berries.
Aftertaste has a touch of tobacco, leather and of course cocoa…(Certainly when the wine is more than 10 years old)

CULTIVATION FORM: Cordone Speronato and Guyot.

The forms of cultivation of the vine are diagrams of the methods of pruning and geometry of the rows.
The winegrower adopts this method to reduce vegetative growth and influence the quality and yield of the grapes.
After that, various crop forms have been selected and improved throughout the history of viticulture in order to obtain greater quantities and better quality of the grapes.
In conclusion this selection took place on the basis of a sort of purpose, such as: wine or fruit grapes.

Here are for an example of cultivation:

Teelt vormen van wijnstokken

VINEYARD CARE: According to the EU Organic Farming Protocol.

VINIFICATION: The alcoholic fermentation take place slowly for about 20 days in small steel tanks.
Constant temperature control allows a good extraction of polyphenolic substances and an optimal fermentation trend. 

REFINEMENT: The malolactic fermentation is carried out in large 20hl Slovenian oak barrels where the wine then refines for about 12 months during which regular bâtonage is carried out in order to enrich the olfactory components and improve the structure of the wine. 

AGING: In bottle for about 4 months which concludes the evolutionary process of this wine. 



Red wine GINEPRAIO Montecucco is available for both private individuals and companies.
If you are interested as an entrepreneur, please feel free to contact us.

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Azienda Agricola Biologica PIERINI&BRUGI


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