White wines

White wines are wines produced by a fermentation without skins.
The color can be straw yellow, green yellow or golden yellow.
The actual color of the wine is determined by the grape variety used.
Even the age of the plant plays a role.

A young wine can also have a greenish hue.
The color will also change as the wine ages. Variations range from almost white to light yellow-green, dark yellow, orange, and brown, but all are classified as “white wine.”

The taste is often referred to as dry for low-sweetened wines or sweet when it is high in sugar.
White wines are generally served cold or ice cold. How cold it is depends on several factors.
The type of wine and/or the quality of the wine play a role in this.

The colder the wine, the more it cannot reveal its flavour.
Therefore, it is often the lower quality wines that are recommended to be drunk very cold.

Which dish goes best with which wine?
It depends on the vine with which the wine was made and the type of dish.
A dry wine goes well with salads or fish, but is also delicious with fresh or semi-cured cheese. The same goes for semi-dry wine.
This combination is determined only by the ingredients with which the dish is prepared.
Sweet wines can be drunk accompanying some chocolate-based desserts or dried fruit-based sweets,
but they can be combined with a pâté, a certain type of cheese, or simply as a conversation wine.

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    White wine ANSONICA DOC

     18,00 p.st. Incl.BTW - a piece Incl.TAX
    White wine ANSONICA DOC  has an intense flavor that satisfies all taste buds.
    It goes well with all fish dishes and is particularly suitable with oysters, seafood and carpaccio, but also with vegetable soups and salads.

    WINE AREA: Costa dell’Argentario D.O.C. is a certain area where products are made using defined methods (in this case wine) and that they meet a certain quality standard.

    D.O.C. means DOrigine Controllata= of controlled origin. This label awarded to superior quality wines produced in a limited area with certain characteristics.

    CERTIFICATE: Organic


    COLOUR: Soft and bright straw yellow

    GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Ansonica

    WINE CHARACTERISTICS: Intense notes of exotic fruits, acacia and aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean scrub. Lively and harmonious, soft on the palate, with savory and fruity hints.

    DELICIOUS WITH: This wine goes very well with all fish dishes and is particularly suitable with oysters, seafood and fish carpaccio, but also with vegetable soups.

    ALCOHOL %: 13% Vol.

    SERVE at a temperature of 10°C-12°C.

    GLASSWARE: Glass for white wine

    CLOSURE: Cork cap.

    BOTTLE: 750ml.

    STORE in a dry, frieze and dark place not close to heat sources or places where the temperature can change very quickly.

    PACKAGING: Box of 6 bottles (+/- 8 Kg).

    MANUFACTURER: Antica Fattoria La Parrina

    PRODUCTION AREA: Albinia – Orbetello (GR) Tuscan Maremma  -Italy-


    White wine ANSONICA DOC is available for both individuals and companies.
    If you are interested as an entrepreneur, please do not hesitate to
    contact us


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