Balsamico Vinegar I.G.P. Ivory


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    Balsamico Vinegar I.G.P. Ivory

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    This Organic Balsamic Vinegar IGP from Modena label Ivory of young aging has a fresh sweet and sour scent.

    Taste, intense with fruity notes of fresh must and red fruit.
    Thanks to its sweet and sour scent, this balsamic vinegar is perfect as a daily seasoning for vegetables and salads.


    Ingredients: 100% Organic grape must from Lambrusco and Trebbiano and wine vinegar from the region of Modena -Emilia Romagna-

    Certification: Organic

    Allergens: contains sulfites.

    Aging in wooden barrels (wood only) for at least 3 years.

    Density: 1.20 kg / L

    Acidity: 6%

    Delicious with: boiled vegetables, fish, marinating meat, vegetables and mixed salads.

    Packaging: Glass Bottle 250 ml.


    Balsamico Vinegar I.G.P. Ivory is available for both individuals and businesses.
    If you are interested as an entrepreneur please feel free to  contact us

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