Wildflower honey


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    Wildflower honey

     12,65 p.st. Incl.BTW - a piece Incl.TAX

    Wildflower  Honey is a natural product, it does not contain artificial flavors or E-nr.
    It is used as a sweetener in milk, tea or herbal teas, and is also a valid substitute for the sugar used in baked goods.

    Type: 100% Honey from pollen from various plants and flowers in the area of Antica Fattoria La Parrina.

    Classification: Natural product

    Packaging: Glass Jar, Content 500g.

    Production area: Albinia- Orbetello- (GR) Toscane -ITALY-


    Wildflower honey is available for both individuals and businesses.
    If you as an entrepreneur interested, please contact us.

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    Organic Acacia Honey with Truffle

     10,00 p.st. Incl.BTW - a piece Incl.TAX

    Acacia Honey with Organic Truffle contains only grated black summer truffle. It does not contain synthetic flavors.
    This honey is always very light in color, it never crystallizes, so it always has a liquid and syrupy consistency. 

    Organic acacia honey with truffles is used in combination with fresh cheeses (ricotta and fresh goat cheese)
    or with aged cheeses such as Pecorino and sweet Gorgonzola. As an aperitif with a nice fresh white wine.

    Classification: Organic 

    Ingredients: 100% organic Acacia honey – Grated black summer truffle.

    Packaging: Glass jar of 100 g.

    Production area: Roccastrada (GR) Maremma Toscana -Italië- 


    Organic Acacia Honey with Truffle is available for both individuals and companies.
    If you are interested as an entrepreneur, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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