Olive Oil Flavored Basil


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    Olive Oil Flavored Basil

     14,00 p.st. Incl.BTW - a piece Incl.TAX

    Olive Oil Flavored Basil has a fresh taste, it is ideal raw on fresh tomatoes, pizza, mozzarella, pasta with tomato sauce, bruschette with grilled vegetables and in sauces.

    Oil certification: I.G.P Toscano

    Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil extra virgin and Basil.

    Packaging : Glass bottle 250 ml.

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Olio extra vergine di oliva = Olive oil extra virgin…obtained from the first pressing of ripe olives, picked by hand and pressed within the end of the day. Processing takes place via mechanical processes without the addition of chemicals. In addition, the acidity of this olive oil should not exceed 0.8%.


    Olive Oil Flavored Basil is available for both individuals and companies.
    If you are interested as an entrepreneur, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Organic Basil Pesto

     4,50 p.st. Incl.BTW - a piece Incl.TAX

    Organic Basil Pesto, the fragrant and tasty  is made from 100% Italian basil, rich in aroma, expertly combined with first choice organic ingredients.
    Green colour, intense and strong aroma, it is an ideal condiment for all types of pasta, perfect with traditional *Trenette, also excellent for tasty snacks and to complete soups. Gluten free.

    Packaging: Glass jar 130 g

    Certificate: Organic

    Gluten Free: Yes .

    Ingredients: *Basil, *Sunflower oil, *Potato flakes, *Extra virgin olive oil, *Pine nuts, Sea salt, *Lemon juice.

    *= product from organic farming.

    Produced and packaged by: La Dispensa di Campagna

    Sold by: Terre dell’ Etruria

    Bewaren: Na openen van het product maximaal 5 dagen in de koelkast bewaren tussen 0° en 4°C .

    ATTENTION! This product may contain small remains of nut shells. It is not suitable for people who are intolerant or allergic to nuts.

    Organic Basil Pesto is available for both individuals and companies.
    If you are interested as an entrepreneur, do not hesitate to contact us


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