Dessert wines

Dessertwijnen Dessert wines are sweet and are usually served with sweet desserts, but these wines can also be paired with blue cheese-based desserts such as Gorgonzola, Blue Stilton and Bleu des Causses.

These wines are produced on a small scale and made through a careful selection of the grapes.
They are not found in supermarkets or large chain stores.

Wine experts use the following words to describe the taste of these wines: sweet wine. What exactly does it mean?

This wines are generally classified from slightly sweet wine to sweet wine
Not all sweet wines are by definition dessert wines. They can be white or red and are very tasty with dark chocolate, dried fruit or cheese platters.

The most famous Tuscan dessert wine is Vinsanto and is usually served with Cantuccini biscuits.
Here you will find real local delicacies, our dessert wines are made from Aleatico grapes (for the red) and Sauvignon, Viognier, Traminer (for the white). Both are sweet and usually served with sweet desserts.
They can also be combined with blue cheeses, such as: Gorgonzola, Blue Stilton and Bleu des Causses.
Delicious as a digestive after a hearty dinner.

Dessert wines are available for both individuals and companies.
If you are interested as an entrepreneur, do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Dessert wine PASSITO BIANCO

     30,00 Incl.BTW - a piece Incl.TAX

    Which means Passito? Passito is (semi-) dried grapes with high sugar content, the wine which is thus produced has a slightly smooth taste, but equally the alcohol content of 14.5% Vol.

    WINE AREA: Toscana Passito Bianco I.G.T.

    I.G.T. means Indicazione Geografica Tipica = Typical Geographic Indication.
    This label is awarded to wines that come from a particular area and have particular tastes or smells certain features of the area.


    COLOR: White

    GRAPE TYPES : Sauvignon Blanc- Viognier- Traminer.

    WINE CHARACTERISTICS: Sweet wine, with notes of dried fruit, the heady scent and persistent flavors.

    DELICIUS WITH: Match with aged cheeses, blue cheeses, dry pastries and dark chocolate.

    ALCOHOL %: 14,5 % Vol.

    CLOSURE: Cork cap.

    GLASSEWARE: Glass for Sherry or Port wine. 

    BOTTLE: 500 ml.

    PACKAGE: Box of 6 bottles [+/- 7 kg]


    PLACE OF PRODUCTION: Località Poggio Murella- Maciano- (GR), 400 meters above sea level.


    Dessert wine PASSITO BIANCO is available for both individuals and companies.
    If you are interested as an entrepreneur, do not hesitate to contact us.

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