Olive Oil Cosmetics

Olive Oil Cosmetics .
The main ingredient of these products is the biological extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to it, these products acquire important properties which will make the skin smooth and soft, leaving it free to breathe while protecting it either from the cold or the sunbeams.

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    SOAP WITH OLIVE OIL has an antiseptic with an exfoliating effect, provides natural hydration to the skin. It is worked by hand with the cold method and left to mature for at least a month.

    Ingredients: Olive oil Extra Virgin and Lavender flowers.

    Properties:Soothing, healing and breathing, creates a natural skin hydration, restores and protects against free radicals * (cause of aging) and external aggressions. Antiseptic with exfoliating action.

    Each piece is: 75 g approx.

    Manufacturer: Azienda Agricola  Biologica Pierini & Brugi

    Production area: Loc. Belvedere – Montorsaio (GR) -Toscane-

    *Free radicals= Free radicals are aggressive substances that arise in general processes in the body.
    Certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking,
    increase the production of free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous when they are abundant.
    They then cause oxidative damage to the cells and tissues of the body and cancer can occur there.


    SOAP WITH OLIVE OIL is available for both individuals and businesses.
    If you are interested as an entrepreneur, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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