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Lab Lavanda di Toscana is born in the heart of the Chianti area.
Our company cultivates two varieties of Lavender in the Chianti hills between Siena and Florence in the heart of Tuscany: the Lavandula Officinalis and the Lavandula Hybrida also known as Lavandino Toscano

In the summer, the lavender plants are picked and the distillation process starts immediately.

The distillation process is carried out according to the Lavender variety. From each variety a different essential oil is obtained, both in the perfume and in the concentrations of active ingredients.

Lavandino Toscano essential oil is more fragrant and rich in camphor, making it great for treating flu conditions. While Lavandula Officinalis essential oil has a mild fragrance with much higher percentages of active ingredients, so it is used in medical and cosmetic products.

The distillation takes place by steam flow, in a completely natural way with only: heat, steam and a series of coils to collect the precious drops of essential oil during the cooling period of the extraction process. What is obtained is a pure oil, rich in properties and completely natural. In fact, our oil can be defined as ‘food‘ or also for internal use.

Why the Lavender in Chianti?

Lavender is a spontaneous medicinal herb that originates around the Mediterranean and is well suited to the limestone soils typical of Chianti in the heart of Tuscany.

At the time of the Romans, it was used for various purposes: in perfumery for its delicate and persistent fragrance, in medical preparations for its antiseptic and analgesic power, in gardens for the elegance of the shape and beauty of its flowers.

In the years that followed, the cultivation and use of Lavender was abandoned to make way for more profitable crops such as vines and olive trees, as a result of which interest in this beautiful plant declined, and almost died out in the second half of the twentieth century.

From the 1960s, interest in therapeutic use was revived, so the first major lavender crops were born that increased production and started marketing lavender for the Italian and international perfume industry.

Lab Lavanda di Toscana was born from the passion to bring Lavender back to our hills.

Since the late twentieth century, the company has cultivated the two most valuable and typical varieties of Tuscany: the Lavandula angustifolia and the Lavandino Toscano.

We have managed to create a lavender cultivation of approximately two hectares that is grown in the Chianti area between Siena and Florence.

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