Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy are applied to standard delivery.
To minimize costs and be environmentally friendly, we try to gather as many orders as possible and have them delivered at once. If a fast shipment is required for particular reasons, please contact us . Attention, extra costs are calculated for a fast shipment.
The delivery Policy are part of our general Terms & Conditions.

Shipping will be via PostNL depending on the customer’s situation.

For normal delivery you will see the following condition:


10.1 Unless otherwise agreed, delivery from Italy will be made directly to the customer by express courier and after receipt of payment.

10.2 The consumer is obliged to take over the goods purchased when they are available or delivered to him.

10.3 If the consumer refuses delivery or does not provide the information or instructions necessary for delivery, the item destined for delivery will be stored at the consumer’s risk after Terra Toscana has notified it.

10.4 If  Terra Toscana and the Consumer agree on the delivery, the costs of the consumer will be borne.
Shipping costs within the Netherlands are a standard amount.

10.5 If it has been agreed that the delivery will be carried out in phases, Terra Toscana may suspend the execution of those parts belonging to a subsequent phase until the consumer has approved in writing the results of the previous phase. [Staged delivery is possible when buying large lots, for further information make an appointment via

10.6 If Terra Toscana requires data from the consumer in the context of the execution of the contract, the delivery period begins after the consumer has made this data available.

10.7 Terra Toscana undertakes to send the order within 3-5 working days from receipt of payment. However, the final delivery time will never exceed the specified delivery time of more than a week, unless there is a case of force majeure, it is not delivered within thirty [30] days, the consumer may dissolve the purchase free and without notice of default.

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