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business square

Business Square is the B2B part of TERRA TOSCANA where information and suggestions are available for entrepreneurs.
If as an entrepreneur you want to know more? Contact us.

TERRA TOSCANA likes to work with companies and she offers you the following:
• Organizing aperitifs Moments.
• Assemble Occasion & Business Gifts to your wishes.
• Wholesale . 

Aperitifs Moments, is a special moment of the day that you have chosen for a specific occasion.
Snacks are served in conjunction with the wine (s)
Most of the products used for this event come from our assortment.
These moments usually last for an hour with a minimum of 10 participants.

Occasion & Business gifts
Both for private individuals and companies TERRA TOSCANA performs personalized work to put together the best and suitable gifts for you. We pack the individual products chosen by you into a surprising gift.
Your employees and your business relationships will be very satisfied with your gift!
TERRA TOSCANA deals with both small and large budgets. For large quantities we recommend you to order everything in advance.

For example, for Christmas gifts, it is advisable to choose and order in June / July.

We deliver products to companies such as: deli stores, restaurants, catering companies, boutique hotels, beauty salon etc. We can have our products tested by appointment and without obligations.


 TERRA TOSCANA buys its products from small manufacturers who prepare their products according to the rhythm of nature, so we have a continuous change of products.

Grape harvest, generally from mid-August to the end of September.
The new wine will be ready after 4 months from the entire manufacturing process (for young wine).

•Olive harvest, generally from the end of October to the end of November.
New olive oil is usually available 2 months after the entire manufacturing process.

•Fruit and Vegetable harvest runs from May to the end of September.
After harvesting, the processing of vegetables or fruit is very short to best preserve their freshness and quality.

•Cosmetic-Lavender products are made in the summer months, usually from June to August.

For more information or questions about Business Square, please feel free to contact us

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