About Us

Let me introduce myself, TERRA TOSCANA.

The founder and owner of TERRA TOSCANA is…

Femi Lorenzoni born and raised in Scansano a small village in southern Tuscany in Italy. After 15 years working in the commercial world with different functions, they decided to start his own shop, but not an ordinary shop … a shop with a look to the future where the customer quickly and easily find genuine products from sustainable farming.

What is a web-shop ?

An online store (or web shop) is an online shop window where services and/or products can be purchased via the internet by distance worldwide het customer can select from his armchair products select, order and pay, everything in a few minutes.

Cooperation with companies

TERRA TOSCANA don’t only works with Italian companies, but bot for how as possible also collaborates with Dutch companies to offer a closer service to the customers some of them are: MultiSafepay is a professional provider for online payments and data protection. For us it is important that the client feels at ease. After much research we worked with Zign.nl to be able present a clear and dynamic online store for our customers.

Why this choice?

For me nature and healthy food have always been important themes …, I grew up on a farm where every season was a surprise, where always fresh products were used, such as fresh milk, cheese made by my grandmother, tomato sauce made by my mother , pickled peaches etc. … .That is why I am always looking for genuine products. As more and more people are looking for advice on natural and organic products, I have come up with a collaboration with producers from the region where I lived. All products in the range are made by small producers with passion and love for nature. To obtain a tasty and healthy final product, we use old-fashioned recipes (Recipes of the Grandmother) that make the taste and smells special and unique.

Values – Vision – Mission

* The Values of TERRA TOSCANA: Passion for nature, conscious of honesty of its products. This means sustainability, transparency and environmental friendliness, but also the appreciation of people who work in the sector and are constantly looking for top quality of their products.

* TERRA TOSCANA’s Vision: TERRA TOSCANA is a young company committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future, with the sale of organic and natural products not only to the consumer, but also to the entire production process.

* The mission of TERRA TOSCANA is to make people aware of ‘healthy eating & drinking’ and improving daily life, to also experience a cultural experience by tasting and using our products and offering a good price / quality ratio.

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